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Holistic Needs Assessment

Holistic Needs Assessment

The Macmillan Cancer Information & Support Centre at Southport invites you to participate in our cancer recovery programme for Southport and Formby patients.

There is now strong evidence that interventions to improve the physical and mental health of recovering cancer patients can have many significant benefits.  The greatest benefits are found in the reduction in the risk of cancer recurrence, which can be halved with some cancers, and also in the alleviation of cancer treatment side effects such as fatigue and depression.

Our cancer recovery programme is based at the Macmillan Cancer Information & Support Centre on Stanley Street in central Southport.

Enrolling in the programme is not compulsory but it is something that we would strongly recommend and it is is supported by medical evidence. Your consultant, GP or Clinicial Nurse Specialist can pass on your information to the centre staff.

Many patients say they feel isolated and unsupported after finishing cancer treatment, our programme is designed to prevent this occurring by ensuring all Southport and Formby cancer patients and their carers or family have excellent support and advice readily available.

For more information please contact the centre on 01704 533024.